What do we sell?
We believe in selling quality over quantity. We would prefer to sell you equipment which will last and effectively save you time, money and the hassle at the end of the day. We have a very strong preference over which brands we sell, merely due to the proven sustainability and support of the hardware.
Desktop PC solutions: All major brands. Although we prefer to specifically sell our own custom built computers; doing this is preferable to the customer as we are capable of choosing the best, and most reliable hardware on the market.
Laptops: Acer, HP and Dell along with all major brands of laptops.
Computer Equipment: If we don't have it, we will either guide you in the right direction or source what ever your needs are. We are not out to sell you something you don't need.
Devices: All ranges of major brands ranging from Flash Drives to Wireless equipment.
Specialised hardware: Ranging from Laptop parts to serial devices. Our common sales include laptop batteries, and origional power adapters