At Custom IT, we can assure that you that our networks will not fail you!

Wireless, Cat5e and Cat6... we do it all.

Wireless: Everything from Wireless Hot Spots to Long-range wireless links.


You don't want your network to fail and neither do we. This is your standard network cable throughout most common networks. We provide high quality cabling and finish off the job, making thing as neat as possible.


This is the next generation of hard cable networks. Speeds range to 1 Gb/s.
Firewall Server: We custom build Firewall solutions to protect you and your data. A dedicated Firewall will allow you greater control over your network, internet content filtering, site blocking, traffic logs and more.
Fileserver: We specialise in reliable File Server solutions. This is a centralised Server which will hold your shared data files, and is accessible from everyone on the network. We provide the expertise for both Linux and Microsoft Fileservers.